We are a Joint Venture team of Jacobs Engineering and HDR Engineering (JE-HDR JV) who, under issued task order, have been engaged to conduct third-party inspections of all Public Private Venture (PPV) Military Housing units across selected Marine Corps sites and installations located throughout the United States.

The goals of this project are two-fold:

i)  Ensure that the Marine Corps is fully compliant with Public Law (PLAW) No. 116-92, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2020, SEC. 3051;

ii)  Collect data on Life/Health/Safety (LHS) deficiencies and the condition of a range of components spanning several building systems, with an eye toward producing an overall score for each housing unit that encompasses both metrics.  

The Marine Corps has engaged the JE-HDR JV to conduct a thorough inspection and assessment of the structural integrity and habitability of each home encompassing the following home types: single family home, duplex, quadplex, eightplex, townhome and apartments.  The inspections and assessments will be based on applicable standards in the InterNACHI’s Standards of Practice.  The PPV Housing inspections will be performed by two-person teams of Qualified Home Inspectors, at least one of which will possess the appropriate credentials as defined by the respective State in which the work will be performed.